About Us

Founded in 1871, Duvel is a family owned brewery driven by quality and innovation. In the early 1900’s this innovation led to the development of Duvel Belgian Golden Ale. Duvel was born from the mission to create a truly tantalizing beer. From the spring water, to the Moortgat yeast strain, to the proprietary glass, every element of this beer is picked for perfection. The Moortgat family was driven by the urge to find the best beer on earth and this is it. Pure ingredients backed by a patient brewing process gives Duvel its unique flavor and aroma. Enjoying it is an iconic experience that thrills the expert beer drinker and novice alike.

A beer as good as Duvel deserves its own vessel. Introduced in 1960, the proprietary glass helps retain the flavor and aroma of the beer while maintaining its refreshing drinkability. The glass narrows towards the top helping to retain the carbonation and preserve the head. The rounded shape allows Duvel’s exquisite flavor and aroma to be fully experienced by the drinker. The curved lip means the beer drinker enjoys the full flavor of the beer whilst the head sits on top of the beer. An etched “D” at the bottom of every glass allows a slow and continual release of carbonation to ensure a full, creamy head. The Duvel Perfect Pour ritual provides the steps to delivering the perfect beer in the perfect glass that is poured perfectly. It is a skill that has to be mastered and celebrated. Its not as easy as it looks. Only the fully trained and tested can claim to be Duvel Perfect Perfect Pour Certified. You will find their names here.


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